There’s something for everyone to do at Zenith! From vocational and volunteering clubs to art classes,and from gaming and technology clubs to cooking classes, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of things to do with us. We’ve got lots to do for people who are affected by autisms, Down syndrome, ADHD, and various other learning disabilities. At Zenith, you’ll find classes designed to help people in all age and functioning levels.

Our center buzzes with fun and educational activities daily. During weekdays, we hold classes at noon for adults. You’ll also find these classes by the same name during the weekend, but the things we cover in these classes are different. Thus, if you want to attend both weekday and weekend classes, you’re more than welcome to do so. Our weekday classes also include things to do from 4pm to 7pm for different age groups. During weekends, we have classes from 10m to 7 pm. Please note that we sometimes have multiple classes going on at the same time but in different spaces in and out of our center. For example, the cooking classes and volunteering groups are being held in many locations in our community

Each of our classes is held by a professional with experience and training in working with special needs individuals. Come join us for one or more classes each month. Each club has a monthly membership fee.In many cases, we can bill your insurance companies for these activities.

Click on the links below for more information about our classes, their times, and their prices.Alternatively, you can view our calendar here. When you’ve decided what classes interest you the most, call us to register and to make an appointment for an assessment.

Please Note:

Participating in any of our classes requires completing an assessment. This way we can ensure that the class we suggest for your loved truly matches their skill level and is appropriate for them. Our assessments are conducted by licensed psychologists and include strength and weakness assessments as well as interviews with the whole family. The fee for an assessment is $250, but we will deduct this amount from your class fees. As a result, you don’t have to pay anything for almost two months of your first class.

Each of our classes has 5 to 10 participants. If a class doesn’t receive 5 participants, it will not be held that month. Register early to ensure your spot by calling us at 786-230- 6591.